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Checking how easily the end users are able to understand and operate the application is called Usability Testing.

Validating whether all security conditions are properly implemented in the software (or) not is called Security testing.

Take this mock test paper which will be helpful for you to prepare for a testing interview as well as the CSTE certification exam. Different Automation Testing Interview Questions Ans. Click the above link for Automation Interview questions like Difference between Winrunner and Test Director, What is TSL? Click the above links to read about ISTQB paper pattern and tips on how to solve these questions quickly. Quick Test Professional: Interview Questions and answers are found in the above link. Click here for answers about Desk checking and Control Flow Analysis along with the examples.

ISTQB ‘Foundation level’ sample questions with answers are found here.

Identifying the critical functionality in the system and then deciding the orders in which these functionalities are to be tested and applying testing after that is termed as Risk-based Testing.

Early testing is helpful to reduce the cost of fixing defects at the later stages of STLC.

Testing the overall functionality of the system including the data integration among all the modules is called End-to-End Testing.

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An informal analysis of the program source code to find the defects and verify the coding techniques is termed so.

Testing conducted on an application without any plan and carried out randomly with the tests to find any system crash with an intention of finding tricky defects is called Monkey Testing.